EFN and Neskantaga Announce Alliance

On Friday Nov 9th, EFN publicly announced our alliance with Neskantaga and Shared Regulatory Territory. As part of the announcement, EFN’s Chief Elizabeth Atlookan and Neskantaga’s Chief Wayne Moonias hosted a public awareness meeting and fundraiser at Ryerson University in Toronto.

“We are here today to honour our ancestors, create new opportunities for our youth, and to demonstrate to all our members that we are carrying forward the vision we have heard from our people. That vision is of a healthy and prosperous region, achieved through the recognition of our rights and responsibilities as stewards of the land. The land belongs to the Creator, and the people belong to the land. We support positive community and regional development. We have been saying that for years and working hard to ensure that anything that happens in our region is a positive contribution to community life. We are declaring our role as informed decision-makers must be recognized in the planning, assessment, and final decisions for any projects in our area.”


For the full release, check EFN Nesk Nov 9th Release